QSS Furry Apocalypse – game

QSS: Furry Apocalypse — is a multiplayer computer game in the genre MMO-TPS, developed by the participants of the Fox Collegium. The gameplay is a journey through the virtual universe in order to help the ally and prevent the enemy, for which the player receives various bonuses.

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QSSFA History

One of the strongest states has undermined the whole world after the next world crisis. Many countries were forced to dominate the dominant name, the New Order, and the rest were captured by force. In the ranks of the population there is a movement of the Insurrection, which quickly recruits an army and unleashes a war for power and resources. All ends with the use of such technologies and weapons, that comes almost an apocalypse at once through several scenarios. But many survive, and it seems, are ready to continue in the same spirit.

You have the freedom to revive the planet or destroy this world completely, gain control over your minds or plunge society into chaos, create something new, useful, interesting, bright or quietly to spend all your time on empty entertainment and routine. Let’s see what you can do..


The entire gameplay is built on the execution of quests in an open multi-user world. In the game, there are several types of characters to control the player: humans (indigenous inhabitants of the planet), furry (reasonable anthropomorphic animals), curlers (alien race of white winged lizards), mutoids (aggressive mutant tribes), mechanoids (army of military machines with artificial intelligence) and reptiles (mysterious alien race remaining in the shadows). Но тебе удастся встретить еще много других существ..

The game has the opportunity to trade with other players, craft, loot, farm, workshop, crazy customization and of course endless battles on steep cannons – what more do you need? You will find underground bases of aliens, you will battle with hordes of monsters and you will go to space. Pleasant mechanics of shooting and movement will be supplemented by epic special effects, and fans of the plot will have to break their heads over conspiracy theories and secret messages.

From game author

The game is still in development, but you can already download the game client to try out the possibilities and offer your ideas for the storyline or individual quests.

“Furry Apocalypse” is created by me alone, so I’m happy with any help. I live almost in the outback, several people periodically send money to pay for the Internet – this is not enough, of course, to develop a good project, especially in Russia. But I’m trying. 🙂

If you are interested in this game and you want to help development – write to me.