QSSFA blog has been launched

QSSFA blog has been launched

08.05.2019 0 By Furry Games

I think we need to move everything into one big blog and tie our own wiki to it to make it more convenient.

For what?

As practice shows, the structuring of content and its layout on the site gives a small plus to the growth of the audience due to indexation in search engines. Well, now the news on the game QSS: Furry Apocalypse, I will publish in this blog. Both regular news and update news.

Wiki for QSSFA will do not on the wiki engine, perhaps, but on the engine for blogs. This is not a very good solution, but I’m too lazy to bother with the wiki architecture and its semi-monolithic code. In addition, on an ordinary wiki, an uncomfortable discussion. Here you can make a rather pleasant system of comments.


The main sections on this site, which will be useful to know:

  • Game description page — main page with a brief description of the game.
  • Game Download Page — here you can download the game installer to your computer.
  • News section — here is a list of all the news that are divided into:
    • Announcements — this is a brief summary of the main events in the life of the game, like this news that you are reading right now.
    • Updates News — updates are described here, what has changed, what has been fixed, what needs to be tested.
    • Events — news of our meetings and discussions, contests and so on.
  • The page of cunning donations — there is a form of payment with which you can send a donation for the development of the game. If you enter your game login in the “Login” field, then you will be able to receive an equivalent virtual gift in the game (as compensation for the donation).
  • Wiki-section — this is a collection of articles about all aspects of the game.
  • Social links — this is a list of links to our groups on social networks.
  • Support service — here you can contact the developers, ask your questions and suggest ideas or cooperation.